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Listen to "Trish's Womanifesto - A Treatise on Being an ArousedWoman":

"Arouse" means "to stir to action or strong response; to awaken."

As an ActivistArtistTM, Trish Causey has dedicated her life to changing the world for the better through activism. Through and, Trish is proud to debunk myths, stereotypes, and misogynist misinformation about women in society and religion, the female body, female sexuality, and the orgasmic process in both women and men.

Trish approaches her activism the way she approaches her art and her life -- in a holistic manner that appreciates how we are interconnected.

"Human rights" is the umbrella that encompasses all other rights issues including civil rights, women's rights, LGBT rights, indigenous rights, body autonomy (pro-choice/ reproductive rights; ending circumcision/ FGM/ MGM), and in the United States, the protection of the First Amendment Freedoms of Religion (and Freedom FROM Religion), Speech, and Expression, to name a few.

A professional freelance writer and proud owner of a vagina, Trish Causey is an award-winning composer/writer, successful radio show host, and rising star on the Twitterwebz' outspoken Irish loudmouth scene. Revel in Trishtopia by following her @AnArousedWoman.

Trish is also on Pinterest: TrishCausey.

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In the past 2,000 years, the oppression of patriarchal religion and imperial government has tried to extinguish the inner fire of women's inherent passionate nature, our intuition, our desires and dreams, our connection to the earth, to the animals, to the Other Side -- all because the dumb-ass men didn't understand us. Women have been beaten, raped, tortured, burned at the stake, and murdered in more ways than we can actually count -- all because women dared to demand equality in a misogynist society and religion.

While all of that happened in the "old days," we STILL have women being brutalized via female genital mutilation (as young as 5 years old!), fighting for basic rights (in Egypt, Afghanistan, Iran right now), murdered in "honor killings," bullied for being a lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, to name a few. 

The handful of men who DO understand our cause -- or try to -- don't get the credit they deserve in standing united with us against male-dominated tyranny. After all, men have been subjected to the same patriarchal testosterone-driven, adrenaline-oriented, conquer-or-be-conquered brainwashing as the rest of us.

And truth be told, in the past, some of the most ardent opponents of women's rights have actually been women -- wealthy, white women, who might have lost their own places of status in the vagina revolution.

This blog is my no-holds-barred piece of the internet for true activism in women's rights, women's sexuality, and all things pertaining to women's equality in ALL MATTERS -- from the bedroom to the boardroom.

I am also in the process of writing a book of erotica based on my personal experiences. Will update on that soon.

While I value your First Amendment Freedom of Speech, if you're a right-wing, conservative nut-job, don't bother letting me know how much you dislike my site or my raison d'etre. That knowledge will only fuel my fire.


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