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ArousedWoman(TM) is focused on Arts, Activism, and Awakening in Mind, Body, & Spirit. 

I'm Trish Causey -- writer, composer, trouble-maker, vagina warrior, vocal talent, teacher, Tantrika, holistic coach, yoga/pilates teacher, survivor, and orgasm goddess.

Arouse means to "stir to action or strong response, to awaken."  As an activist for women's rights, this felt right to use it for my activism for women's issues, including basic rights, body autonomy, health issues, and ending the shaming of women just for being sexual.  The additional meaning "to awaken" correlated with my "awakening" along my path in Tantra and Kundalini yoga, as well as my reclaiming my body and spirit after years of being overweight, in a bad marriage, plus other traumas.

On my blog, I help women (and men) understand women's needs and women's sexuality.  Women's sexuality has been maligned by religion, disregarded by Western medicine and academia, and is currently being violated by lawmakers. 

Women's issues fall under the umbrella of Human Rights, and as a Humanist and Feminist, I support and work for the protection of these basic, inalienable rights.  As I'm fond of saying, "Human Rights are non-negotiable."  To learn more, read the About page.

Women are incredibly creative beings -- not just in giving birth.  Women have a profound way of experiencing and expressing the world around them.  We are inherent storytellers and teachers.  Women's intuition and feelings are usually maligned, but they are powerful, real parts of us that connect us with each other and the universe at large.

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